Z Wraps Firestarter - Packaging Free, by the pound

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Making Z Wraps leaves some trimmed edges behind that have a great upcycled use: they make fabulous fire starter!

No packaging needed here, these remnants are sold by the pound and ready to be squished, rolled, swizzled, or combined with tinder or kindling to start over a dozen campfires, bonfires, etc.  

Instructions: Grab a small handful of trim and squish it into the size of a golf ball. Put it under your firewood and use a long neck lighter or a long fireplace match to light it. It will burn for about 8-10 minutes. Visit our website for more ideas about how to make firestarters from these packs, or from a retired Z Wrap!

Need to Know:

  • Made of all-new materials; these are remnants from our production process, not retired Z Wraps!
  • Save $1 per pound with the 5lb option!
  • Caution: Very Flammable! Keep away from heat and flame until time to use. 
  • Always carefully supervise children and pets near fires of any kind and be sure to practice strict fire safety to keep your burn safely under control at all times!
  • Quickly light campfires, bonfires, brush burns, charcoal chimneys, fireplace fires, wood stoves, etc.

Good to Know:

  • Final Sale; not SKU coded or packaged for resale. 
  • Not eligible for wholesale orders - please contact us for wholesale or volume inquiries about our scrap material! We’d love to work with you. 
  • Ships in plain brown craft paper wrapping.
  • Available in 1lb & 5lb options!
  • We cannot ensure which designs will be in your firestarter.

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