About Us


At Z Wraps, it’s our passion to infuse everyday life with timeless beauty and style. For as long as she can remember, that’s what Z Wraps Founder Michelle Zimora has been driven to do.


As a child, I designed labels for jars of homemade jam I made with my mom. Sitting on my mom’s lap, I learned how to sew and found a love of textiles. And then, when I had two young daughters of my own, I took those skills to the next level, sewing chandeliers made of fine paper, and curtains made of exquisite fabrics.

Simply put, I love to take what’s around me and turn it into something beautiful and useful. As a run-around mom who taught outdoor education before having kids, I care about making smart choices that are good for the environment – and look great, too. ​In 2017, in my kitchen, I took one of my favorite printed fabrics and coated it in a blend of beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. After a whole lot of testing, I got the recipe just right. My girls went to school with their sandwiches wrapped in them the next day.

Now, I'm proud to offer reusable, washable Z Wraps, where pretty meets practical, for your lunchbox, leftovers, hostess gifts, and more.

Find a Z Wrap to match your own signature style – with a purpose. It’s the sustainable, beautiful way to wrap.