12ct Fire Starter Gift Box (Sage Green)

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Classic Z Wraps fire starter - now in a cute, giftable, pre-portioned set! Keep cozy by the wood stove or fireplace with a dozen merry little cones, stashed in a stylish and reusable gift box.

Instructions: Light wick at top of cone and place under kindling. Always burn safely! Keep out of reach of children. 

Need to Know:

  • Made of all-new materials: Z Wraps production remnants and paper.
  • Caution: Very Flammable! Keep away from heat and flame until time to use. 
  • Always supervise fires of any kind and be sure to practice strict fire safety!
  • Quickly light campfires, bonfires, brush burns, charcoal chimneys, fireplace fires, wood stoves, etc.