As Seen In: Stacy's

A graphic from Stacy's Snacks that reads, "When one woman rises, we all rise." was created by Stacy's to help female founded & women-led businesses get found.

We are so excited to be included in this incredible directory of amazing female founded companies! Stacy's- yes, that Stacy's of female-founded, crispy-baked healthy pita chip deliciousness!- has created the #FoundedByHer Female Founder Directory at to help consumers more easily find and support female-founded businesses. Which, as it turns out, is something around 80% of consumers would like to do more of! Check it out & find your new favorites today. You're helping female founders get found.
Stacy's was fab to send us a sample press box to enjoy at the studio and we filmed you a tour of the unboxing <3 after we finished a happy-dance! You can check out our unboxing tour over on our Instagram and, while you're there, enter yourself for a chance to win a box of your own from Stacy's! You can enter some Z Wrap's giveaways over there, too!
Much love to all the wonderful women in this box with us:
Excelsior Candle Co.; Tumerica Skincare; Drip Kit Coffee; Girl B Natural; and Lumily Fair Trade. And of course, very special thanks to Stacy's for putting everything they have into this great resource initiative.