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The Z Wraps are great! They are flexible enough to wrap around different shapes & thicknesses of bowls, plates, etc. I cut one of mine in half to fit without too much extra overlap. They have a more secure/stable surface and thickness which allows for stacking unlike foil or plastic wrap. Simple to rinse and let dry on a clean rack or towel and reuse! Highly recommend.


Nothing keeps me coming back to a business like excellent customer service. Not to mention I really like your Z Wraps, I've tried a couple of other brands and they don't measure up.


I've tried a variety of beeswax wraps, and the Z Wraps have become my own personal favorite.


They are fabulous! I love the concept and the product. Any wax wraps I've used in the past have been very thick and not very pliable. The Z Wraps are perfect and the patterns are sweet, too.


I purchased these recently. I liked them so much that I purchased two sets for my friends. 


Good sizes. Wraps easily. Easy to clean. Works great for cheeses.


Works well with cheese and things to be wrapped and refrigerated. Bought more as good to use less Saran wrap.


I use these everyday to take sandwiches and wraps to work. I use them in the fridge for cucumbers and cheese, everything. I am getting other people’s attention and using much less plastic. Love these.


I love these wraps. They are so much easier to use than clingy plastic wraps. They are easy to handle, easy to clean, and look festive in the fridge.


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