Z Wraps 101


Easy To Clean

Wash reusable food wraps with cool water and mild soap if desired. Leave to air dry. Tip: Sponge your Z Wrap on a flat surface like a cutting board or counter and then rinse.

From Food To Flowers

Wrap cheese, fruits & veggies, bread, fresh herbs, salad greens and heads of lettuce, baked goods and more. Use a reusable beeswax food wrap to cover leftovers in a bowl, baking dish, or on a plate. Z Wraps can be used in your freezer, too - just let it warm up a little before unwrapping them. Tip: You can try non-food items too, like wrapping a bouquet of flowers, or keeping a toothbrush and soap tidy in your travel bag.

Why So Sticky

Reusable food wraps are sticky by design: it means they are ready to seal around your food. The stickiness is part of what makes Z Wraps work so well. As your food wrap gets used you will notice the stickiness less and less. Don't worry it's embedded in the cloth and as long as the wrap sticks it's still hard at work.

Warm Hands = Tight Seals

The key to using reusable food wraps is the natural warmth of your hands: it softens your wrap just enough that when you remove your hands and the wrap cools, it holds it's shape and forms a nice tight seal. Use a food wrap that's slightly larger than whatever you're wrapping. Cover a dish with a wrap that falls about halfway down from the top, press gently on the wrap where it touches the bowl, and watch it conform and stick to its new shape.

Storage and Care

Keep your reusable beeswax food wraps in a cool, dry place. Be sure they are dry before you put them away. You can roll, fold or store them flat, on a shelf, or in a basket.



How long will my Z Wrap last?
Your reusable food wraps should last up to 18 months, depending on how much you use them and how well you care for them. Make sure they do not come into contact with hot water or hot surfaces or the wax will melt and they won’t last as long.
NOTE: Avoid hot water and do not wring out your wrap. We strongly recommend against using food wraps with raw meat or eggs