Bold New Designs for a Bright, Beautiful New Year

Here's a sneak peek at something new we're launching very soon!

2020 is finally in the rear-view, and we’re welcoming 2021 with an extra helping of bright colorful joy! Z Wraps’ designs have always been classic, creative, and colorful. This year, they get even brighter with 6 brand-new kid inspired designs!

snack bars bundled in a white and rainbow tree print Z Wrap; the name of the design is Wild Wanderers

This gorgeous enchantingly technicolor forest? It's called Wild Wanderers.


Today’s children have heard about the issues facing our planet for their entire lives, and lots of them really want to help. When we include children in our efforts to help the environment, we show them that they have a seat at the table of solutions. When we invite them to join us there, we show them that their actions matter--that they are an important part of making change. 

Picture the world through a child’s eyes: it’s a wholly magical place, bigger than anything you’ve ever known or can even conceive of, and bursting with a lifetime’s worth of new and exciting things to discover. Creativity, imagination, and fantastical adventures are all par for the course of a regular afternoon, and heart to heart talks with the cat over bedtime stories have helped sort out the day’s biggest feelings. The world is wide and yours to explore, discover, and shape!

Childhood is a time of wonderment, immersive play, and self-discovery. That’s why we’re so excited to release a brand-new, childhood-inspired design line just for the wee folks in your life. They might be small in stature, but children are increasingly aware of and concerned about some of the very grown-up challenges we face around climate and the environment. We hope these designs help open the door for children to feel like they can take action too, all by themselves and together with us, to help our planet!

Stay tuned for the full line launching later this month...we can hardly wait to share it!

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