Introducing: Z Wraps Party Pack!

Calling all caterers, wedding-planners, event hosts, and non-plastic party enthusiasts - this one is just for you! Reducing waste, avoiding plastic, and re-connecting with our friends and family are all top of the priority list this summer, whether you’re planning a much-awaited wedding, reunion, graduation party, or just have a serious need for a block party BBQ. 


Picture it: What if you could send everybody home with extra love- food, of course! -and do it without plastic? You’d be reducing food waste, avoiding plastic forever-trash, and sending everyone home with a sweet piece of swag everyone can re-use: a new Z Wrap! Bonus points that they’ll always associate it with how off the charts your macaroni salad came out.

What’s in the pack? A crisp, clean, flat stack of 50 - yes, fifty!- Z Wraps, ready to cover all your event fare. Available in 4 different crisp and easily complementary designs! Shipped to you wrapped lovingly in simple plain brown kraft paper around your Z Wraps. (Yes, we still use a shipping box.)


Use this sweet stack of plastic-pummeling power for: 

  • Take-away portions (sooo cute with thrifted vintage plates!); 
  • Floral centerpieces that become party favors;
  • To cover family-style salads, bread baskets, serving dishes or drink pitchers à table
  • As a substitute for paper plates for self-served desserts or hors d’oeuvres (hello, donut wall!)
  • As a placemat for picnic-style eating;
  • Making cones or pouches to serve goodies like popcorn, snack mix, or candy - munchies bar, anyone?
  • Catching drips from ice cream cones, slices of summer melon, popsicles, or a juicy apple or orange;
  • Whatever your heart delights in and your creative imagination dreams up!

Interested in Z Wraps for your event, catering service, venue, or other group setting? 

Contact us with any questions! We would love to hear from you. For inquiries regarding the availability of other designs: We are glad to accommodate where we're able! However please understand that due to production limitations, we may not be able to create your perfect custom stack. 

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