Meet 2022's New Designs & Artists

Introducing What's New for 2022

Left to Right: Nature's Music and half avocado; red onion and Perfect Pear; salsa ingredients and plate with Out & About

Welcoming a new design collection with the new year! Introducing our latest and greatest, created, as always, by some wonderfully rad women. These fabulous new designs join their already-incredible sisters in the Z Wraps family, which include the classic Signature Collection from Susie Pilgrim Waters, botanically inspired beauties from Carolyn Gavin, a world of childlike whimsy by Katie Vernon, and Strawberry Fields by Helen Dardik. So without further ado- let’s introduce the new designs and the wonderful women who imagined them and brought them into the world!

Melinda Beck: Out & About & Perfect Pear

Out and About covers a plate of limes and hers, which Perfect Pear wraps half a red onion at right. Scattered tomatoes and spices dot the foreground.

Graphic designer turned illustrator Melinda Beck describes her work as being shaped by both experiences, merging both abstract and geometric qualities. She’s the Brooklyn-based creative powerhouse behind Out & About and Perfect Pear designs - which we think are perfectly encapsulated by that aesthetic crossroads. 

A sketchbook-keeper for as long as she can remember, Melinda writes about seeing her designs on Z Wraps:  “I love owning everyday objects that are beautifully designed. My hope was to create such an object with my patterns for Z Wraps.” 

Anyone who's familiar with us will know that's a philosophy that really resonates with us: beautiful things are things you'll reach for and enjoy having in your life! It's a huge part of what Z Wraps is all about. So to that, we say, "Yes, Melinda!"

After recently completing an eighty foot mural for Mural Arts Philadelphia and a series of murals for the newly renovated Mid-Manhattan New York Public Library on 42nd and 5th Ave, Melinda has several awesome projects making their debut in 2022, including an illustrated children’s book titled, “We Are Shapes” and a stamp series commemorating the 50th anniversary of Title IX with the US Postal Service. How rad is that?!

Jenn Ski: Circle Up

Circle Up print Z Wraps cover a plate of salsa ingredients and two pieces of red onion.

Okay team, bring it in and Circle Up! Jenn Ski is an illustrator, decorator and everything in between. She takes inspiration from the world all around her, including her home, which was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Circle Up might look familiar to you. Can’t quite place it? Here’s a hint: you might have updated these lately. That’s right! You saw it on the bottom of our faces - this was one of the fabric designs we used to help produce extra masks early on in 2020. Circle Up always gives us really rad vintage vibes, just like Jenn!

Zoë Ingram: Nature’s Music & Painter’s Palette

Painters Palette design Z Wrap covers a large salad bowl; Nature's Music wraps a hunk of cheese and a turkey sandwich at right.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, her children, and encounters with everyday good design, Zoë Ingram is the artist behind Nature’s Music and Painter’s Palette. Originally from Scotland and now residing in Adelaide, Australia, Zoe uses a mix of traditional (pen, ink, gouache) and digital media (illustrator & photoshop) techniques to create her designs. 

We’ve described Nature’s Music as a visual interpretation of our favorite sounds and signs of spring returning: a running stream, a warm sunbeam, bird songs, blossoming trees, a gentle breeze, and buzzing bees. Painter’s Palette takes us back to a simpler time somewhere in a early 2000s mall food court, with all of our friends as we headed into an IMAX movie - the halcyon days of rose-tinted retrospective youth. For 80’s and 90’s kids, anyways. If you weren’t there, well…you really just had to be there to get it. 

So now that you’ve met them, what do you think?! Which designs are your favorites from this year’s newbies? Whatever it is, we hope it brings your joy from atop your counters, on the road with you in your lunch, or from inside the fridge. Here’s to a brighter, greener you for 2022!

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