Now Supporting Women's Reproductive Rights: Painted Poppies

Now through June 2022, all profits from every Painted Poppies wrap sold go to the Abortion Rights Fund of Western MA. 

Rep Poppy flowers

We stand for women's reproductive freedom and rights to bodily autonomy. The news this week has us angry and saddened. 

Among the Z Wraps crew are women old enough to remember a time without Roe, old enough to remember when women needed permission from their husbands to open a credit card or have their own bank account, and when pregnancy was a fireable offense at work. There are also team members for whom the danger of a world without access to this critically important type of medical care for women has always been more of an existential one than a tangible one; this week, we moved closed to to the tangible side. 

Banning abortions for women does not eliminate abortions from happening - it only serves to make them secret and dangerous. We will not go back to the days where women died- in needless agony, in shame and secrecy, silently in the shadows- day after day and night after night, desperately trying to get the care they knew they needed. In the  recent words shared on social media by our sitting senator, Elizabeth Warren, "We will not go back - not now, not ever. Not ever!"

Starting right now all the way through June, we are donating all profits from every Painted Poppies wrap that's sold to the Abortion Rights Fund of Western MA. 

If you'd like to support ARFWM directly yourself with a donation or volunteering, click here.

If you want to support the local Abortion Fund in your area, support a national, multi-state, Indigenous, or other area fund, get connected with the chapter you're looking for from their national network - start here.

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