What We're Doing For Earth

A composite image of Earth, wrapped in a Leafy Green print Z Wrap
Happy Earth Day! As a company founded with our home planet's health and longevity in mind, we are officially Earth Day Super Fans at Z Wraps. This year, with so many developments in so many areas of our lives, we wanted to take a second to check in with ourselves and reflect: Where are we in our journey of making a truly sustainable product? In other words, how are we keeping Earth at the center of what we're doing here?

Our Materials

Our choice of materials is a huge part of our product. We believe that organic farming practices are urgently crucial for the health of our planet, and strive to source organic ingredients wherever feasible. Right now, we are proud that both our beeswax and our jojoba oil are 100% organic. 

When designing our packaging, we knew we needed to prioritize choosing sustainable materials. We absolutely did not want our eco-friendly wrap to arrive in your kitchen cocooned in plastic. Our packaging is completely biodegradable and compostable, and is made from FSC Certified paper with a completely plant-based cellulose window. Some eco-minded folks have asked why we need packaging at all, which we can understand the reasons behind the question. The short answer to that is: when a product is intended for use with food, there are specific packaging requirements that need to be adhered to, so of course we want to to that in the most sustainable and beautiful way available to us. 

Small Choices for Big Change

Speaking of our beautiful packaging, we also wanted to ensure as minimal a carbon footprint as we could achieve for all the text and graphics. We are proud to work with a hyper-local-to-us printer for all of our packaging, and our promotional or sales materials! Anything we need printed, we get that from some fantastic professionals who are just 15 minutes away. No trips around the world for our paper stuff, ever. Unless we're shipping wraps to where you are!

And on the subject of shipping, you guessed it: this has been a long term priority as well. We fulfill all of our e-commerce orders using recycled paper shippers. For larger orders, it's paper tape, re-using exterior shipping cartons where appropriate, and generally recycling, re-purposing, or re-using shipping materials to help avoid adding plastic to the studio. Even when we're sourcing ingredients, we've been known to ask suppliers if they can use any non-plastic shipping options--and we're happy to report a lot of people have been able to accommodate the request!

Not Just the What: the How

Around the studio, we are mindful to find a balance between strict standards of cleanliness and hygiene (because, hello, food product!) and choosing cleaning products that are safe, effective, and avoid harmful ingredients. Most of the time, that means we use a mix of vinegar and water! For production areas, we use a Purell surface cleaner. Whenever we can, we use cloth towels, provide cloth face masks for our staff. 

We also believe that healthy people are a key ingredient for a healthy planet. To that end, we strive to treat all of our employees like the valued team members they are--because our employees make serious magic happen, every day! We do this by making a concerted effort to foster a working environment that includes open, easy communication; sustainably-paced work-weeks; flexible schedules; and a lot of humor. 

That's a Wrap...For Now!

Will this be an all-inclusive list of how we're working for Earth by next year? We sure don't think so--we have many plans for 2021, and even if we can't check off every item on our Z Wraps Sustainability To-Do List this year, each and every sustainable step makes a difference in our world. Thank you for being part of our quest to make the world a little greener, a little brighter, and a lot more sustainable. 

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