Z Wraps Moves to Easthampton

Z Wraps’ team of five recently moved to a bright industrial space in Easthampton, Massachusetts’ Eastworks.  This is a notable contrast from its’ humble beginnings in founder, Michelle Zimora’s living room. Her company, Z Wraps, makes beeswax coated fabrics that are reusable, eco-friendly alternatives to plastic wrap.  With orders expanding rapidly, Z Wraps is part of a growing trend to replace single-use-plastics with more sustainable options. And, unlike other brands, Z Wraps fuzes form and function with beautiful design.

An appreciation for the arts and the Eastworks’ supportive creative community weighed significantly in Michelle’s decision to move Z Wraps’ production to Easthampton.  

Their new home is sandwiched between a photo-studio and a makerspace.  While day-to-day production involves a lot of folding, packaging, and counting, this all happens amidst NEPR podcasts, team lunches in their 1950s diner booth, and laughs.  

Sometimes, randomly, the large, rotary-dial, payphone on their wall will ring, startling everyone.  Though it looks out of service, if answered, real people are on-the-line looking for city services (they’re still not sure how or why).  In the corner, there is a box of off-cut Z Wrap-scraps for employees to take home and compost or use as fire-starter in the winter.  

The coolest thing by far... is the kids’ nook set up with beanbag and books for employee emergencies; parents who might need to bring kids to work with them, can.  Pretty neat huh?!

When asked to describe her team, Michelle answered: “We’re all here working together with belief in our product and a passion for sharing it.”

All in all, Z Wraps seems to fit perfectly into the humble authenticity that is Easthampton.  


Meghan Hoagland  

Media Manager & Photographer at Z Wraps 


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  • Nanette True

    Hello, I met Michelle and her wonderful product at Eastworks open house in the fall. I made purchases and have enjoyed these wraps in my kitchen and gave some as gifts. They were well received. I answered your ad for production staff. Hope you consider me. Best, Nanette

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