Swedish Dishcloths - Blue Watercolor

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Heard the news? Swedish Dishcloths are IN! Paper towels, grubby rags, and plastic sponges can’t stand up to this super-absorbent, naturally biodegradable option that’s easy to clean & reuse!

Made from 30% cotton and 70% wood pulp, a Swedish Dishcloth is a new, eco-friendly way to clean counters, wash dishes, soak up spills, and much more! Long-lasting and vastly more absorbent than a traditional cotton dish cloth or paper towel, SD’s are a perfect gift, housewarmer, or everyday choice. Cleaning is easy: just toss it in the top rack of the dishwasher or into your washing machine. You can also quickly sanitize them by wetting completely and microwaving for 1-3 minutes. 

Each set of 4 cloths features subtle, coordinating designs for a pop of style in your kitchen. 

Produced by partners located in China.

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