Bucking the Trend (again)

A Small-Medium-Large 3-pack of Z Wraps in Leafy Green, wrapping apple slices, a bowl of grapes, and most of a loaf of crusty bread.

Who would we be if we didn’t seize an opportunity to go against the flow yet again?

At a time when everywhere we look things seem to be going a little haywire, many people would take the strategy of sitting tight and rolling with the punches to get through. That might mean raising prices, charging for once-free shipping, or even behind-the-scenes changes to the product or the members of the company. Heck, we had to raise our prices earlier this year! But it’s true: we’ve got some changes to announce - and it’s probably not what you think!

The Top Story: Price DROP!

Lest we be accused of burying the lede, here she is: our prices are actually going down starting September 1! You’ll see new pricing across the entire family of products starting then, and we’re really excited about that.

We know how expensive everything has gotten. Our climate and plastic situation still feels as globally urgent as ever. So it’s an understatement to say WE ARE PUMPED to be able to offer Z Wraps at our most affordable price point yet. 

There’s one product in particular that we know you’re going to as excited about the new price as we are: our beloved, best-selling, gotcha-covered-everywhere 3-pack (Small/Med/Large) is now only $14.99, any design! Grab a mixed multipack in any of our cool combos or stock up on just your favorites, pay the same price. How cool is that?!

Browse the collection to check out the rest of our updated pricing! (active from Sept. 1 onward)

A Small-Medium-Large 3pk of Z Wraps in Out & About, Painter's Palette, and Perfect Pear covering a loaf of bread, a turkey sandwich, and a bowl of cut strawberries respectively.

How’d we do it? Meet KAF Home 

Seems unusual at least that we’re dropping prices when everyone else is raising theirs? We hear that, and you’re not wrong! We were surprised too when we worked out how to make this happen. So how’d we get it done? That brings us to our second announcement that we’re excited to share with you: Z Wraps has officially joined the KAF Home family!

If you’re reading this, chances are that you remember that Z Wraps is a passionate, values-driven company on a mission to make kitchen plastics obsolete and introduce folks to  new, beautiful, and practical ways of living with less plastic. Our values are what initially brought us to KAF Home, years ago, when we chose to work with them as our source of the fabric we use to make Z Wraps. They are a family-first company that prioritizes responsible sourcing and corporate policy, and over time the relationship grew strong. 

Now that we’re part of KAF Home, our ability to focus on expanding our mission has increased dramatically, and we are excited to start our next leg of the journey by offering our most competitive price point to date. We're also working on so many exciting projects that it's just brutal not to be able to share, but we will as soon as we can!

Want to Know More?

Learn more about our new parent company KAF Home by visiting their website, or reading our press release here. 

The Takeaway: We're Not Changing

Change can be uncertain, and with uncertainty naturally comes worry. Here’s a few important things that we want you to know:

  1. YOU are, and always will be, the secret ingredient that makes Z Wraps awesome.
  2. I, Michelle, am still in charge of the Z Wraps brand and product, and will be its consistently mission-focused steward for the foreseeable future.
  3. Our product is still made the same way, with all the same ingredients and materials. The only thing that’s changed is our production studio has moved in with KAF. We’re getting to know Indiana, and it’s pretty alright!
  4. Indiana will never be as cool as Massachusetts (just kidding) - but in any case, we’re changing things up in our MA-based studio to become an idea incubator for the next generation of sustainable, plastic-free home products. That’s right! We’ll still be in Eastworks, with many of our favorite Makers and Doers among our neighbors here in this community.

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