2021 Year in Review

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It’s that time again- somehow! We swear, a minute ago it was high summer and the sun was up until nearly 9pm! Now it’s dark at 4:30. Didn’t we just make it through 2020??

Well, here we are for a 2021 year in review! Admittedly, 2021 was…maybe better? With all the drawn-out hesitation and uncertainty you read into that. We’re incredibly grateful for the bits and pieces that felt like what we remember “normal” to be. Our kids spent some time in-person in school, we saw a few more family members and friends, and we managed to stay healthy and avoided any major business disruptions. So overall, couldn’t really ask for better! We also had our setbacks and speed bumps: lots of COVID testing, a whole family worth of vaccinations (A huge win!! But needles are the worst! And the appointments could not come soon enough!), still came with a few stretches at home when someone wasn’t feeling well. Supply chain stumbles and jolts sometimes made business bumpy. Masks are still everywhere, which is honestly good even though we miss seeing smiles. The general uncertainty of the pandemic, and the turmoil of the county and the world was a lot. So was 2021 better than 2020? It was better in the sense that it was not 2020! But that’s kinda where it ends? Sort of like how Saltines are appealing when you’ve been ill. It’s better, but it’s not even close to what you’re aiming for.

Looking on the bright side and scrolling through this year’s camera roll, we still found some things to celebrate! Step back in time with us, to January 2021! Actually, let’s not step there. I haven’t completely recovered from actual-January enough to do Memory-Retrospective-January yet. Do you guys remember what happened in the first week? I know right! That was this year. Fast forward! 

Fun pink bananas print Z Wrap with fish print wraps and sweet treats

In spring 2021, after a group hi-five for becoming a MA-certified Women Business Enterprise at the end of 2020 and donning some party hats for launching our most age-inclusive and FUN design collection to date with the new year, we teamed up with a few awesome women makers from New England to celebrate Earth Day with a group giveaway on social media! Prosperity Candle released their Sustainable Home gift set that includes a Z Wrap multipack, setting up a collaborative trend that runs throughout the rest of the year. Then we spent some time back on the road visiting old friends and making new ones at a select handful of our favorite trade shows (we’ll be back, pandemic permitting!) - After being home for all of 2020, heading out on the road and being away from home was definitely harder than we remembered! 

a wooden counter display of z wraps, with a hand choosing one

As the year keeps rolling, retail displays and product packaging got some fresh updates. We created a whole bunch of new videos with a local videographer, and made a lot of new social media connections. We had TWO design collaborations launch, creating exclusive, custom, client-designed wraps for Shop Ban.do and Sweetgum Home. These were really exciting because it’s something new for us, and they came out completely gorgeous. 

Towards the end of the year, as usual, things really picked up! There was the triumphant return of the Eastworks Open Studios weekend event - it was easily the busiest we’ve ever seen it, and we were so happy to see people return for local business like that! We also launched THREE new products! First up was a package-free 10-pack, providing an exceptional value with no extra materials.

Then, we launched two curated “sustainability kits,” designed to help people easily make the switch to more sustainable and plastic-free options in the interest of living a more eco-friendly lifestyle (or enjoy the cost savings this way of living can provide).

Then, just before Thanksgiving, we were so excited to finally be able to share our inclusion in the Founded By Her female-founded business directory, created and launched by Stacy’s (yes, with the epic pita chips!) in collaboration with media company Hello Sunshine. We found out we were included in a press box for the directory when Stacy’s sent us one to enjoy in the studio! Opening it was cause for a serious happy dance. We were (and are!) seriously honored to be included.

A graphic from Stacy's Founded by Her that reads "When one woman rises, we all rise."

As we get into the last month of the year, we have 4 new designs from two new artists that we can’t wait to share soon! We’re also looking ahead and starting to plan the new year. We have a few trade shows coming up in the next few months, and we’re looking forward to some exciting announcements. But before this year ends, we’re saying THANK YOU for your support and for your commitment to sustainability with a big-old giveaway (link to Instagram)! So be sure to get in on that before it ends (1/1 at 11:59pm!). Click below to enter on Facebook, or the link above to enter on Instagram.

We don't know everything that's in store for us next year, but we're feeling optimistic! We hope you are too. No matter what's in store, we wish you a year filled with love, community, good health, and good news! Thank you for being part of what makes it amazing to go to work every day. Happy New Year!! 

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